Organisation of PECSRL

The General Assembly
The General Assembly of PECSRL consists of all members of PECSRL who are present at the bi-annual conference. It meets every two years during the bi-annual conference. Its main tasks are the control of the Board and the decision upon the sites of the next three conferences.

The Advisory Group
The Advisory Group of PECSRL consists of one representative from every country with at least one member in PECSRL and an undefined number of individual members. The National Representatives are selected during the bi-annual conference by the PECSRL-members from the relevant country. Individual members can join the Advisory Group. During the bi-annual meetings of the Advisory Groups the long-term development of PECSRL is discussed.

The board of PECSRL consists of the following people:

Karl Martin Born, Germany (President) Born

Hannes Palang, Estonia (Vice-President) Palang

Theano Terkenli, Greece (Member of Board)

Veerle Van Eervelde, Belgium (Member of Board)

Yves Michelin, France (Organiser of 2018 Conference)

Antonia Paniza Cabrera, Spain (Organiser of 2022 Conference)

Ewa Skowronek, Poland (Organiser of 2024 Conference)

Andrzej Tucki, Poland (Organiser of 2024 Conference)